The Scorpio Races

Book Review: Carry On (Rowell), The Scorpio Races (Stiefvater)

The theme of this post is “books by authors I have met recently!” Which is not so much a theme as it is the only thing these books have in common, but okay. No, wait! They have one more thing in common: I am in total, head-over-heels, frothing-at-the-mouth in love with them.

Rainbow Rowell came to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in October as part of the Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures series. Here’s how that week played out: Tuesday, Carry On arrived at my doorstep. I read it in its 522-page entirety on Wednesday instead of studying for the GRE, which I took on Thursday afternoon, mere hours before Rowell’s lecture. Clearly my priorities are in order. I told Rowell that I had no regrets for my abysmal time management and she signed my book to that effect, which was pretty great. Rowell is exactly as charming and delightful as a person named Rainbow ought to be.

A few weeks later Maggie Stiefvater spoke at Carnegie Mellon University as part of PARSEC’s YA lecture series. Stiefvater has been for a while now one of my “problematic faves,” as the kids say, and she was so irreverently hilarious in person that I no longer feel any qualms about having her on my “people I want to be when I grow up” list. (Although she should, perhaps, step away from Twitter every now and again.)