An UnBEARably Fun Story Time

My library internship continues apace, and I ran my first solo story time this week! I’ve been helping the librarians with story times pretty frequently over the past few months, but this is the first time I’ve done one by myself start to finish. The librarian who usually does the three- and four-year-old story times on Wednesdays couldn’t do it this week, so I subbed in for her. I was a bit nervous — not because of the kids, but because their parents stay for this program, and I always feel like parents are judging me — but it went really well! I had a good time, and a few very kind parents told me that I did a nice job, so: success!

While I was preparing for this story time I came across this great blog by a children’s librarian, which inspired me to start keeping track of my own library projects. So, in the interest of posterity, here’s what I did: (more…)