The same New Year’s post that everyone else on the Internet has already made

2014 was a good year for me! Especially when it’s considered next to 2013 and 2012, which were varying degrees of rubbish. I feel like I finally got to a point where I’m happy with myself and the direction in which my life is moving. Some 2014 highlights, ranging from the significant to the mundane:

  • Took a lot of really cool classes! I’m enjoying my coursework in English in a way that I never could have imagined in journalism. Honestly, I’m going to be sad when I graduate, because I feel like I’m only just getting into Pitt’s English program. There are so many more weird electives that I want to take! Still, I’ve gotten to take a good number of them, and they’ve been awesome.
  • Picked up a classics minor! I kind of tripped and fell into it, but turns out I really enjoy the field of study and the classes have been really fun. Classics may not help me get a job, but it does make me feel smart.
  • Wrote my longest paper yet! 20 pages on how YA dystopias are actually just inside-out Judy Blume novels. It was crazy stressful but also really fulfilling. My professor wants me to submit it for prizes, so, y’know, I guess it’s okay.
  • Copy desked! I started working at the Pitt News copy desk in 2013, but the job continues to be a joy. My coworkers are a bunch of weirdos and I love them all to bits.
  • Traveled! NYC in April, Williamsburg in May, Puerto Rico in August, Toronto in September, Arizona in October. Whew.
  • Redesigned my bedroom! Goodbye to the horse wallpaper that 10-year-old Megan picked out, hello to kumquat paint. New curtains, new rugs, new lighting. I feel much better about living at home now that my room isn’t a throwback to elementary school. I’ve got a space where I can properly work now.
  • Got Dragon Age: Inquisition! At last! Part of me feels like this should be lower on the list and part of me feels like it should be AT THE VERY TOP. I take my fantasy RPGs very seriously.
  • Turned 22! Hit it, TSwift.
  • Dogsat! Sitting in Shannon’s house for a week and a half and taking care of Linus was so great. It was like a vacation. With a puppy!
  • Signed up for OKCupid! And then deactivated my account two weeks later, but the experience was… interesting. More pleasant than I expected, actually. Nothing came of it in the end, but it was still a Thing That Happened. And might happen again? Who knows!

My 2014 resolutions were to take more selfies and be nicer to the Pitt News writers, and I feel like I did okay on those! I took a lot of selfies, at any rate, and I’ve been telling the writers when things are good, not just when they’re bad. So: success! Good job, me! Excluding basic things like “graduate” and “get a real job,” my 2015 resolutions are:

  • Blog more. If you don’t see me posting here at least monthly, I need you to shame me. I mean it! Send me angry emails.
  • Tweet more. On the real person account, I mean, not the one I use to livetweet awards shows and complain about the weather. I should be tweeting less on that one.
  • Write more fic. I’ve got a bunch of WIPs sitting around almost done, and I’m gonna finish them! I’ve got a beta reader and everything. I just need to get over my anxiety about people reading my writing, which is… going to be difficult. But I can do it! I CAN DO IT.
  • Learn to read tarot cards. My quest to become as weird as possible continues. I bought a Rider-Waite deck ages ago but never actually learned to read them properly. Recently, though, I’ve been practicing and it’s going well! My sister has been humoring me and letting me read for her every once and a while. What a peach.
  • Drive more slowly. I drive like a bat out of hell, and I need to chill out.

I think these are pretty reasonable. In the past I tended to resolve to do things like “read X number of books” or “lose X amount of weight” and I don’t do well with concrete goals like that. I like “do this more” or “do this less” — it doesn’t stress me out so much that way, and therefore I have a better shot of actually achieving something.

2015 is gonna be awesome! Here goes nothing.


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