Hello, hello, I am still here!

This post is not actually going to be anything of substance, but I wanted to say that this blog is still A Thing That Is Happening, even if nothing is… actually… happening. I’ve got a dozen half-written posts in the pipeline (Music! Books! FANEXPO CANADA!) and I have sworn on the grave of my hermit crab Miles that I will finish them soon, or at least soonish.

The thing is: I am swamped with school. Crazy swamped. Do you know how many books I ordered for this semester? ALMOST FORTY. I’ve been reading so much that my eyeballs are turning into raisins. This is not to say that I’m not really enjoying this semester, because I definitely am (that’s another upcoming post!) but man, being a full-time student again is intense. I’m also back at The Pitt News, moving commas around and yelling about coordinating conjunctions, and I’m working on applying for various internships (Marvel! If I get this internship I will literally swoon, like a Victorian lady who has just discovered her fiancé’s mad attic-wife.) and grad programs and such. And then, in my downtime, I’m trying to write some things for fun, which will probably never see the light of day but which bring me much personal joy.

The moral of the story is that I have not much time to blog, what with being crushed slowly by a massive pile of required reading and all. But I will return! Just sit tight for a while while I get my life under control.


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