Summer Plans: A Tentative Idea List

Finals are almost over — I only have a paper and an exam, both Thursday, so I got off really easy! — which means it’s time to start thinking about what I’m going to be doing with all my free time over the summer.

Oh wait, that’s right. I’ll be taking four classes. GROSS.

Even if I’m still in school a lot of the time, it won’t be all the time, so I still want to make the most of the summer. I’ve got a few specific things planned out — friends’ graduations, the Haunted Pennsylvania Road Trip, Puerto Rico with the fam — but I’m taking a leaf out of Jess’s book and writing down some more general ideas of things to do.

READ ALL THE THINGS — This is basically the ongoing theme of my life, but it feels like forever since I read a book for fun rather than class. I think I’m going to specifically focus on reading YA lit this summer, considering that I have an increasing interest in writing YA lit. I’ve got Tam Lin out of the library right now and Better than Running at Night and The Secret History on hold — I’m going out of my way to track down the elusive college novels — so I’m off to a good start.

You can keep up with what I’m reading on Goodreads. Be my friend! Also, please send me recs.

DRAW ALL THE THINGS — I’ve been drawing on and off for months now, but without any kind of regularity which would lend itself to actual improvement. I’m still pretty rubbish, but hopefully if I stick with it for long enough I’ll hit the learning curve. I’ve got a nice sketchbook and several thousand mechanical pencils, so I think my new on-the-boat pastime is going to be doodling.

WRITE ALL THE THINGS — And by “all the things” I mostly mean this blog and pile of fanfiction WIPs. I’m going to be doing enough srs bsns writing in my classes to worry about working on any really intense personal projects, so summer is for fun writing. I’ve got a whole slate of posts lined up for this blog and hopefully I’ll get in the habit of writing around once a week.

As far as fic goes, I’ve stalled out on a couple different projects, but there’s one in particular I need to finish soon because canon is about to throw a wrench in my plans. I really don’t want to have to accommodate all the new information that’s coming soon, so the solution is to just, you know, finish writing the damn thing.

For those of you who are new here: yes, fanfiction. Y’all can keep your judgements to yourself.

BUST OUT THE UKULELE — When I was dealing with stuff a while back — hah, I say that like I’m not in a perpetual state of dealing with stuff — I stopped playing my ukulele. I stopped doing a lot of things I liked to do, really, and I’ve been slow to pick them back up again. My ukulele has been collecting dust for well over a year now, and I need to start playing again.

GO RUNNING — I say this literally every summer and it never takes. I am optimistic, though, because in the past I always treated any kind of fitness regimen as a weight loss regimen (because my body image was horrible) but now I think I am comfortable enough with myself to want to be healthy rather than thin. Plus, I need an excuse to get all of LookHuman’s nerdy exercise clothes. Priorities!

If, as I expect, the running does not take, I’m going to try to hit the pool. My brother lifeguards at the YMCA during the summer so I’m hoping he can get me in without a membership so I can swim laps. I am a terrible swimmer but it’s supposed to be good for people with back problems (remind me to complain about how messed-up my back is sometime), and it’ll be nice when it gets hot out. I am a delicate flower, I wilt in the heat.

HAVE A JAM — Here is where we start running into problems. There are so many acts coming through Pittsburgh over the next couple months and I have so little money to spend on concert tickets. I’ve narrowed it down to a choice of one, maybe two, of four: Wye Oak (May 2), Ingrid Michaelson (May 25), CHVRCHES (June 11), and Arctic Monkeys (June 17). Arctic Monkeys is at the top of the list right now, but maybe I’ll manage to find enough spare change in my couch cushions to make it to the rest of them. Which brings us to my next point…

MAKE CASH MONEY — Six hours a week of minimum wage at the copy desk is not cutting it, and I’m just about cleaned out. Hopefully I can pick up the summer shifts, but I am gonna have to sit on all the neighborhood babies to save up for NYCC in October. I won’t have time to get a proper job, what with taking classes and traveling intermittently, so if anybody has any good ideas on how to keep myself out of the red this summer, send them my way.

START VOLUNTEERING — This is not going to contribute in any way to the previous point, alas, but I figure I should start volunteering at the library to make sure that going for my MLIS is something I actually want to do.

This is where the list stands right now. I’m liable to think up new projects (and subsequently abandon them, probably) as the summer goes on, so I may add to this list. And I’m open to suggestions! Send me stuff to do. You know what I like.


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